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Terms & Conditions

Important Information

Attached is your Speed View price quotation based on information you have provided relative to your specific project. Speed View is not responsible for reviewing or confirming whether it meets plans and specifications, applicable building codes, or other regulations. Review this quote carefully to ensure all items are accurate and correct.

Any changes in the project after Speed View’s drawings are complete may result in extra charges at Speed View’s discretion for preparation of revised drawings. Any additional charges must be paid before any drawings are revised.


This quote is valid only for 30 days from the date of the quote. Prices are subject to change after 30 days or if any revisions are made to the original quote. All quotes exclude sales tax unless noted otherwise. Speed View must have a project-specific/blanket tax exemption certificate on file for resellers to be exempt from applicable taxes.

An initial payment of 10% is due on order to start shop drawing and must be received before Speed View will process the order into production. The next 40% is due upon shop approval to begin production and the final balance is due prior to release of shipment. As products are made to order, Buyer may not cancel or change an order once a Sales Order is approved for production. Speed View is entitled to the full price quote if the order gets cancelled, or a portion thereof, based on how much costs are incurred.

Installation is not included in the quoted price. Contact Speed View or your local sales representative to assist you in locating qualified local contractors and installers.


The quoted freight amount is based on shipping to Buyer via our standard shipping method. Buyer is responsible for unloading the product from the carrier and must plan to have sufficient personnel and equipment present to do so. If the location is not easily accessible by common carrier, shipment will be made to a mutually agreeable location for you to arrange pick up.

Revisions and Submissions

Contact Speed View regarding any changes and/or corrections to this quote. Speed View will review the changes, and if acceptable, will revise and reissue a corrected quote. Once the quote is acceptable to the Buyer, submit signed quote scanned back to Speed View via email to customerservice@speedview.com or send to your local sales representative. A Sales Order is formed when the quote is signed by both the Buyer and Speed View and when the 10% initial down payment is received.